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newspaper sellerDo you get fed up paying out over and over again to advertise to the same people?

Sadly, the nature of most print-based media is that every time a new edition is required, the cost of printing and distribution needs to be covered… by you!

Would you believe that printing has been around in one form or another since 1140? Over the past 1000 or so years it has been used to create some of the most popular and effective methods of communication. However, things have definitely changed!

Newspapers, printed directories and local publications undoubtedly still have their merits but the Internet is taking over at an alarming rate. That is why we offer a combination of the two but don't expect you to bear the cost of print and distribution.

We are now living in the age of digital communication

Today, the Internet is the most important global communication tool but is also gaining popularity as an advertising channel because of its effectiveness, convenience and cost-effective reach. UK online advertising already accounts for over £10 billion of media expenditure per year.

guide coversAs an ever growing number of people spend their work, leisure, and social time online, it is no surprise that computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones are rapidly becoming the first place to look for local information. Accordingly, each local A to Z guide is made up of two components, which give the user the best chance of quickly finding what they are looking for (and of finding out about you!).

  1. The A to Z guide. Similar to a conventional directory but available permanently and accessible from most PC's, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. As a sponsor, you will have maximum coverage in the guide as well as a guarantee that you will have the top listing in your classification.
  2. The A to Z website. Again this has an easy-to-use A to Z directory which will contain all of the relevant local classifications. The sponsorship package entitles you to the top listing in your classification and your logo will appear on EVERY local page to maximise your exposure and to give you the best possible chance of attracting enquiries.

As you may know, Google have been making major changes to the way that results are generated and their new algorithm has swung very much in favour of unique, relevant, local content - this is perfect for the local A to Z and, as a result, good for you!

The benefits of becoming a local sponsor

The total cost is only £25 per year. Your information will remain in the top position for your classification and can not be taken away from you until you decide not to re-new.

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